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A young Pole is not afraid of improving Shakespeare, Jacek Marczyński in Rzeczpospolita

„Ophelia” has an incredibly clear form. Prasqual divided seven scenes with electronic interludes. In subsequent pictures he contrasted computer sounds with chamber music characterized by matter intricately woven of tiny motives. The music is overlapped by human voice and vocal parts are composed tastefully. The Ophelia’s final lullaby is simply a beautiful – by no means banal – aria.
The director of Poznań performance, Monika Dobrowlañska, respected the ascetics of Prasqual’s work. The characters were added merely ballet doubles to make the action a bit more dynamic, furthermore the director invented video visualization to electronic music to show the world outside. Since what we can see on stage happened in heroes’ souls. Their emotions are skillfully presented by Natalia Puczniewska, Tomasz Raczkiewicz and Tomasz Mazur

“Młody Polak nie boi się poprawiać Szekspira” [A young Pole is not afraid of improving Shakespeare]
Jacek Marczyński
Rzeczpospolita online

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