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Shakespeare and capitalism

wik/ Wałbrzyski informator kulturalny/ 8.05.2008

“The third” directed by Monika Dobrowlańska was received by the audience with enthusiasm, even though they could hardly hide their surprise.  The audience’s surprise resulted from the fact that the play does not idealize the life in western countries, which so often happens to the Polish people. Philippe Malone in his „The Third” discusses the subject of social relationships in capitalism. He shows the wealthiest social group analyzing how the wealth affects the human inner life. From this point of view the play appears to be the drama of immorality and dehumanization. The drama discusses also a moderately rich social group and the poorest ones.  In the name of material advancement, which they all aim at, they are ready to disavow themselves.  „The Third” is a clash of Shakespeare drama of power with the reflection about its character and degenerations in capitalism.  This combination underlines the historical changes as well as the universal aspects of being obsessed with power.  I believe it was not an easy thing to turn Malone’s play into a stage performance.  Despite this difficulty the spectacle was made in a perfect, sophisticated and modern manner. Modest, symbolic stage design reflects social gaps. Is shows the extent of  industrialization and technologization of the economy. The actors moving round the stage reveal the structure of the world they live in.  Movie picture used in the play defines the means of executing power and the way the power myth is built – by prevailing media. Music played live /which I greatly admire/ emphasizes the strength of culmination moments.  The actors roles are distinctive. Lidia Michałuszek, playing the mother, is simply outstanding. I would like to watch the following spectacles directed by Monika Dobrowlańska.

Ewa Liberek