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Ophelia on the both sides of a mirror, Andrzej Chylewski in Glos Wielkopolski

Music in “Ophelia”, made of instrumental and electronic elements, (music design – Mieczysław Nowakowski) is not innovative, still without any doubts it carries emotional contents of the drama. What is more, it is incredibly difficult for three vocalists (Natalia Puczniewska, Tomasz Raczkiewicz – Laertes and Tomasz Mazur – Hamlet), who, despite the degree of difficulty, deal with it really outstandingly, just like they do with their characters. However, it is not the music that fascinates most in the spectacle.

The main praise goes to the director Monika Dobrowlańska and the stage designer Petra Korink. On one hand detailed, logical and consequent organization of the theatre space with music, on the other hand, compatible with the organization, the idea of flowing, related not only to water, which causes Ophelia’s death in Shakespeare dimension. There are also interesting video projections which complement the narration of the spectacle.

Andrzej Chylewski
Glos Wielkopolski

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