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Two visions of death, Martyna Pietras in Gazeta Wyborcza

In Prasqual’s one act play the audience can see Shakespeare’s characters after their death. Ophelia (Natalia Puczniewska), Laertes (very suggestive Tomasz Raczkiewicz) and Hamlet (Tomasz Mazur, not expressive enough) still love, but they love in a different way. Hamlet loves Laertes and laughs at Ophelia’s feelings. Laertes reciprocates Hamlet’s feelings, still physically he also desires his sister. Only Ophelia feelings remain the same, focused on Hamlet. None of these loves will be fulfilled. And it is Ophelia who will take a decision on this matter. (…)
The director, Monika Dobrowlańska created unpretentious scenic vision in which characters’ inner desires and fears reflect their alter ego.
Black, red and white colours on a very modest stage design underline the emotional saturation (or emptiness) in the relationships between the characters. Ophelia’s message is clear, and the possibility of deciphering the following symbolic layers of the opera is its brilliant advantage. “
“Dwie wizje śmierci” [Two visions of death]

Martyna Pietras
Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań

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