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Who Steals? Patrycja Kowalczyk in Teatralia Poznan

Me and you. We both steal. You keep stealing and perhaps you do not really realize it. You rob me and I rob you. Besides, I rob myself and nobody could ever rob me the way I do it myself. It is because I know myself best and I know what hurts most.
The spectacle by Monika Dobrowlańska can be placed in such a metaphoric box decorated with a ribbon and an inscription: “Who steals?” In „Thieves” written by Dea Loher the characters both steal and are robbed. The drama consists of several seemingly different stories in which people deprive themselves of hope, truth and even faith. A young girl does her best to discover her identity by searching for her father so far unknown. Any person who has started a journey to find the truth, ends up deeply disappointed. An old man waits for his only son who will never come back. A mature woman for more than forty years has not been able to accept the fact of being left by her husband. A middle aged couple struggles desperately to have a better life. And a few more stories in which people search for something, look for something, deprive the others of something and themselves are deprived …
Some characters bear the same surname – Tomason. The idea of Tomason was created by the Japanese artist Genpei Akasegawa. „Tomason is a thing of an unknown destination. An object designated by letter N, of an unknown meaning. (…) Somebody invented it since he needed it for some definite purpose. But it has got lost – this purpose” – says Dea Loher. The stories are told alternately, they occur cyclically so the spectacle is maintained in a film aesthetics. The spectacle is directed by Monika Dobrowlańska in a stage design cooperation with Petra Korink. The artists have already worked on the moving “Mykwa” a spectacle performed in The Polish Theatre. It is once again that they have made a very good performance. Just like in „Mykwa”, the stage design in “Thieves” is great and interesting. The stories take place on a rotating stage, which is turned around for the following episodes by a man wearing a wolf mask. A wolf, the symbol of wild and murky forces, can be a metaphor of evil which is never dormant, what is more it lurks from behind any corner. The music played by Przemysław Witek definitely deserves the audience’s attention. The musician was in the very middle of the rotating stage and he simply excellent played the piano.

Patrycja Kowalczyk
Teatralia Poznañ
5 January 2011

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